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Hello my name is Nikolas and Welcome to my personal blog~ I'm 18 years old and a lover of Tolkien, the Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit and many, many animes.
Here you will see posts about me, my life, things I enjoy and things I think my followers will enjoy. The most popular of which are from the various animes I watch, LotR and The Hobbit. I post about most Animes but the most popular are Shingeki no Kyojin, Death Note, Fullmetal Alchemist and Black Butler.
I'm part of many fandoms, but I have a wide range of tastes. There will also be some LGBT related posts here and there. As for the rest, they will just simply be posts I find funny or interesting :) Enjoy!

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Beauty of the Universe II - Colors

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Flawless females of fiction that would put any male chauvinist to shame if only they were non-fictional || Éowyn (Lord of the Rings)She had her moments, she might have been whiney with the whole Aragorn love story, but I have yet to find a more badass comeback than “I am no man” to a Nazgûl  pretty much decided they’re gonna go ahead and kill you in a few seconds.


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"No Anna, I don’t want to build a f***** snowman right now".
//  W H A T  C O U L D  I  P O S S I B L Y  S A Y  N O W … ? 

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uruha + red

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It’s a cat! There’s a cat over there!


Thoth CGs

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You shriek and call with all your might,
Eyes void of hope you can only writhe.
You prayed for God but behold who came,
A monster whose eyes glow aflame.

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